Working as a collaborative unit, we are building an exceptional and sustainable community provider environment best suited for most effectively meeting the needs and securing the best outcomes for the individuals we serve.


  • IACP is THE credible voice of community-based services in Idaho
  • IACP provides sustainable, collaborative leadership generating effective change for the profession and the people we serve
  • IACP has negotiated and Idaho has enacted a reimbursement methodology that matches the true cost of providing quality services
  • IACP works to ensure systems of accountability are consistent, streamlined and transparent, encouraging autonomy in service delivery
  • IACP works to build a barrier free, holistic delivery system that promotes client choice and meets national standards
  • IACP fosters increased access to care and reduced stigma through education, advocacy, and promotion of inclusive, accepting communities


  • Our integrity as individuals, businesses and an organization
  • Providing high quality, person-centered effective services
  • Conducting ourselves professionally and ethically
  • Advocating as a unified voice for ourselves and those we serve
  • Stable, consistent funding stream
  • Helping to create the change we seek
  • Collaborating amongst ourselves and with others
  • Making an investment in our profession, from our own individual initiatives and growth to the policy structure we work in
  • Providing for a living wage
  • Treating everyone, and expecting to be treated, with respect and dignity               
  • Being outcome oriented as an organization and in practice
  • Consistent policy across provider types